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Calling All High School Seniors!


Join us for a unique March of the Living opportunity. We have a new look for 2021, but we still remain deeply committed to our purpose and pledge to Holocaust education. Join us for a virtual March of the Living Educational Conference on April 6-8, 2021 and learn from leading Holocaust educators from around the world. This unique and engaging educational experience is open to Southern Region High School Seniors. Conference attendees will be eligible to participate in a Poland experience in December 2021.

What should I expect?

● Begin each day with a relevant podcast shared by our team of educators.

● Explore 1,000 years of Jewish history through a virtual guided tour of the Polin Museum.

● Learn about contemporary antisemitism, and gain understanding about the historical roots      of antisemitism.

● Take a walk through the Krakow Ghetto and learn about what ghetto life was like.

● Become a witness by listening to testimonies shared by survivors from our community.

● Engage in a meaningful Yom Hashoah ceremony.

Fee for Symposium

● There is a $36 non-refundable registration fee. 

● No participant will be denied for financial challenges; scholarship is available to families that      need financial assistance.

Please email with questions or for more information. 

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