The March of the Living & the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

in Commemoration of the 81st Anniversary of Kristallnacht



Sunday, November  10,  2019      -  SCREENINGS: Matinee at 1:00pm and Early Evening at 5:00pm.

Zinman Hall on the Richard & Carole Siemens Jewish Campus at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County.

A documentary, in English, that follows the journeys of Holocaust survivors and high school students as they share stories of loss, struggle, and lives rebuilt, through the magical experience and the healing power of inter-generational relationships. Experience the nine–month period in which Holocaust survivors and high school students meet weekly to share their stories, culminating in a series of public performances in the spring. The film uses a mix of cinéma vérité, archival footage, interviews, animation and staged recreations of stories to blend past and present, using the Witness Theater program as a vehicle for telling the survivors’ remarkable stories. 


Film Synopsis

Aron is 88 years old, Eazek is 94 and Claudine is 89. Over seventy years ago, although they lost their entire families, they survived the Holocaust and resettled in New York City.  Now they have shared their stories in a unique program led by a drama therapist with high-school students in Brooklyn, N.Y.   The hope is that this sharing sensitizes the students and provides some closure to the adult survivors after all these years. The Witness Theater workshop in which they participate culminates in the performance of a play based on Survivor stories. 


Scenes from the program’s weekly creative workshops and final performance are interspersed with scenes of the survivors at home, all within the structure of a dramatic arc that traces survivors’ lives before, during and after the war. The result is a warm story that, told in the present, imparts insights into the effect of the past on multiple generations of Jews, while also illustrating the power and importance of transmitting experience from one generation to the next.

After each screening, meet South Palm Beach County survivors and students who participated in a Witness Theater production on the West Boca Jewish campus in 2009.

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The Committee is delighted to honor long-time supporters and 3-time Marchers, Shirley and Alan Solomon.  Join us to honor these community activists in their love & support of the March of the Living since it's inception.


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