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March of the Living Southern Region:  We are a proactive region, affiliated with the International March of the Living. More than 2,500 young people from Florida, Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Zealand and Australia have traveled with us since 1996.


Our mission includes…


Never Again:  To assure that students acquire skills to remain diligent so that genocide & injustice will be met with knowledgeable protest, while strengthening the mantra of 'Never Again', through reaching out to people of other faiths and cultures and by mending our too often shattered world, and through providing assistance to those most in need.


Am Yisrael:  To instill in students a love for, an appreciation for and connection to, the Jewish people in every land, throughout the ages and in contemporary times, through visits and exposure to the rich Jewish life in Eastern Europe prior to September 1, 1939 and through learning about and visiting diverse societal elements in the diaspora and in Israel.


Advocacy for Israel:  To provide students with the knowledge to defend Israel and to solidify the love of the Jewish state.


Entering into History:  To visit Eastern Europe for six days as a commemorative act, which demonstrates to the world that the murders of six million of our people and five million others has been marked and will never be forgotten. Boosting this experience are six subsequent and meaningful days interacting with Israelis and learning the struggles, strengths and beauty of Israeli society.


Human Rights Advocacy:  To engage students in emotional and intellectual discourse to become better citizens through advocating for universal human rights and dignity.

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